Lyndra’s Vision

At Lyndra, we are working to realize a healthier world by transforming the way we take medicine. Our team is developing pills that can last a week or more, freeing patients and caregivers of the burden of daily medications. Expected benefits of our long-acting oral therapies include: better health outcomes and quality of life, reduced side effects, improved drug efficacy, slowed spread of disease, and lower health costs.

The Problem

As former US Surgeon General C. Everett Koop observed, “Drugs don’t work in patients who don’t take them.”

That may sound obvious, but about 50 percent of patients, and in some cases more, do not take their medications as prescribed. Nonadherence is an epidemic that causes at least 10 percent of hospitalizations and 125,000 deaths a year in the U.S. alone. It costs the U.S. health system nearly $300 billion annually – more than any actual disease(1). And it can be 100 percent preventable.

Lyndra’s Innovation

Human nature is a hard thing to change. At Lyndra, we’ve turned the problem on its head. We ask, “What if we stopped trying to change the patient, and changed the pill instead?”

Our team is developing ultra-long-acting pills that last a week or longer, and that provide a wide range of medicines in a familiar oral capsule form. Once inside the stomach, the capsule dissolves and releases a star-shaped pill that delivers steady amounts of medicine for seven days or more.

Studies indicate that people are much more likely to stick to weekly or monthly medication schedules than to daily schedules(2). Extending the time a single oral dose lasts makes it easier for people to take the medications they need.

Far-reaching Potential Benefits

When people take their medicines as indicated, they’re more like to get well and stay well. We believe ultra-long-acting oral pills which deliver drugs at a slower and steadier rate will reduce side effects and increase drug efficacy. In the case of infectious disease, patient adherence reduces the spread of disease. These benefits also bring significant healthcare cost savings.

At Lyndra, we are dedicated to realizing these benefits by making daily pills a thing of the past.


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